The ‘High Road’ Back to Work: Developing a Public Employment Eco System for a Post-Covid Recovery

The Covid-related unemployment crisis has been sharp and fast, resulting in unprecedented levels of job-loss in Ireland and elsewhere. Responding to the needs of the labour force and re-igniting the economy will require a careful strategy. This zoom seminar by Dr Mary P. Murphy, Dr Nuala Whelan, and Dr Michael McGann, with disucssion from Prof Rory O’Donnell, retired Director of the National Economic and Social Council, explores the impact of the crisis on the labour force and presents research conducted at Maynooth University on how the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can be part of a post Covid ‘Back to Work’ strategy. The report, launched at the seminar, focuses on re-imagining a post-Covid Public Employment Eco System, who needs to be included in this strategy, and how it could be implemented in terms of institutions, governance, digitalisation and income supports. A video of the seminar is available via You Tube and the full report and powerpoint slides are available from Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute.

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