Public Employment Services and

Welfare Reform at the Frontline

Lived Experiences of Welfare to Work

On Friday 10 December 2021, MUSSI and the GAII project hosted a webinar on lived expierneces of welfare to work. Focussing on those most affected by welfare reforms, the seminar brought together the latest research exploring claimants and jobseekers’ experiences of activation and employment services:

  • How do jobseekers experience welfare-to-work?
  • To what extend do participants find employment services helpful?
  • What changes would service-users like to see to the way employment services are delivered?

The event was organized as part of the Governing Activation in Ireland project and launched a new report on service-users’ experiences of employment services for the long-term unemployed. It was chaired by Maynooth University’s Dr Nuala Whelan, with presentations from Dr Joe Whelan (Trinity College), Dr Philip Finn (Maynooth), and Dr Michael McGann (Maynooth). Brid O’Brien from the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed and Dr Anne-Marie McGauran from the National Economic and Social Council also contributed to the webinar as discussants. Further details and a recording of the webinar are available at this link.

Webinar on Digitalisation in Public Employment and Guidance Services

On Friday 18 September 2020, the GAII and ACA PES projects organised a webinar on the role of apps and algorithms in welfare delivery. The purpose of the conference was to understand how apps, algorithms and big data are being deployed in activation and employment guidance services and to unpack the associated challenges and opportunities for enhancing welfare delivery through digitalisation.

The seminar included a panel of presentations on international policy developments and trends, from leading international experts including Ludo Struyven, Jo Ingold, Ray Griffin and Simone Casey. This was followed later in the day by a session exporing practitioner and user experiences in using digital tools and online platforms in employment and guidance services.

Further details and video recordings of both panel presentations are availble by clicking this link.

The ‘High Road’ Back to Work: Developing a Public Employment Eco-System for a Post-Covid Recovery

The Covid-related unemployment crisis has been sharp and fast, resulting in unprecedented levels of job-loss in Ireland and elsewhere. Responding to the needs of the labour force and re-igniting the economy will require a careful strategy. The High Roack Back to Work Report explores the impact of the crisis on the labour force and presents research conducted at Maynooth University on how the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can be part of a post-Covid ‘Back to Work’ strategy. The report focuses on re-imagining a post-Covid Public Employment Eco System, who needs to be included in this strategy, and how it could be implemented in terms of institutions, governance, digitalisation and income supports.

On the 5th June 2020, the ACA PES project team presented a webinar to discuss the paper, led by Dr Mary Murphy (PI), Dr Nuala Whelan (Post Doc) and Dr Philip Finn (Research Assistant), with guest Prof Rory O’Donnell, retired Director National Economic and Social Council. The report is available below along with associated resources and a recording of the webinar.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 841477.

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