Enabling Employment Services through Governance, Collaboration & Co-Production

Public Employment Services and

Welfare Reform at the Frontline

Hosted by the ACA PES, GAII, Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI),

Discussing enabling public employment services with an exciting lineup of national and international speakers.

Session 1: A capability and collaborative approach to employability for most distanced

Chair Jean-Michel Bonvin (University of Geneva)

  • Flemming Larsen and Dorte Caswell (Aalborg University, Denmark) – Co-creation and employment services: lessons from Denmark 
  • Colin Lindsay (University of Strathclyde, Scotland)  – Collaborative approaches and employability services: lessons from Scotland 
Session 2: Governance, marketisation  and Institutions – delivering activation    

Chair: Jay Wiggan (Edinburgh)

  • Impacts of marketisation on PES delivery in Ireland – (Michael McGann, MU)
  • Re-imagining public employment services and institutions (Mary Murphy, MU) 

Session 3: Model for Enabling Employment Guidance: Toolkit and Progression Metrics.  

Chair: Mary Ryan (MU Dept Adult and Community Education)

  • Deirdre Hughes OBE, DMH Associates (UK)  Contextualising employment guidance
  • Nuala Whelan (ACAPES), Model of Enabling Employment Guidance: Toolkit and Metrics  
  • Ciaran Reid, Louth Leader Partnership & Irish Local Development Network: Usability, dissemination, standards 


  • Mary Stokes, National Centre for Guidance in Education (Career guidance) 
  • Jenny Bimrose,  Institute for Employment Research, The University of Warwick
Session 4 Launch of Special Issue of Administration: Activation and Welfare Reform in Ireland

Chair Muiris McCarthaigh (QUB) 

  • Plugging the Gaps for a More Tailored Public Employment Service –  Helen Johnston and Anne Marie McGuaran (National Economic and Social Council) 
  • Navigating indifference: Irish jobseekers experiences of welfare conditionality –  Philip Finn (MU) 
  • Opening the Black box of Implementing Activation in Ireland –  Nuala Whelan (MU)
  • Sacrificial citizens? Activation and retrenchment in Ireland’s political economy –Fiona Dukelow (UCC) 


  • Brid O Brien (INOU/ACAPES Advisory Committee) 
  • Delma Byrne, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 841477.

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